Single Origin Soy Paste with Sticky Rice 米粒原燉醬油

Single Origin Soy Paste with Sticky Rice 米粒原燉醬油

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We're so excited about our Kinship X Yun Hai collaboration! Quantities are LIMITED. Follow @yunhaishop for Lisa's adventures sourcing in Taiwan. 

About: Soy paste (醬油膏) is a delicious, uniquely Taiwanese sauce made from cooking soy sauce down with sticky rice to give it thicker texture. It has a deeply umami and sweet soy flavor. We grew up pouring sticky soy paste on everything from scallion pancakes, to potstickers, to scrambled eggs. 420ml.

Maker: Yu Ding Xing is an small batch traditional soy sauce maker in Yunlin, Taiwan. They combine 450-day aged soy sauce with glutinous rice, leaving the rice grains visible, and thicken it over traditional wood fire. 

Tasting notes: sweet, salty, umami, with chocolate undertones

Ingredients: Water, native Taiwanese black beans, rice, sea salt, sugar. 

Importer: Lisa Cheng of Yun Hai 雲海 in Brooklyn personally sources single origin sauces from traditional makers in Taiwan!

Shelf life: Shelf stable for 2 years from printed manufacturing date. Keep refrigerated after opening.


Traditional Taiwanese soy sauce is made only with native Taiwanese black soybeans, salt, water, and sugar. Black soybeans differ from the more widely used yellow soybean. They have a mellower, sweeter, and more nostalgically Taiwanese flavor. This type of soy sauce is very similar to traditional Chinese soy sauces, where no wheat is used. Taiwanese black bean soy sauces are gluten-free.