Diaspora Co Single Origin Pragati Turmeric

Diaspora Co Single Origin Pragati Turmeric

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This is what Diaspora Co is best known for - the freshest, most potent turmeric, the new gold standard! 

Diaspora Co rigorously tests each harvest to ensure antioxidant content (curcurmin in this case), toxins, and pesticides to ensure the cleanest, most potent spices available. Diaspora Co is committed to decolonizing the spice trade through their equity pledge, which provides living wages to mostly womxn spice farmers.

Use turmeric to add warmth, flavor, and anti-inflammatory benefits in curries, warming soups, rice, teas, lentils, poultry, popcorn roast veggies... 

Makes a beautiful gift to foodie friends. Don't forget to keep one back for yourself.

“[B]etter than any turmeric I have tasted.” - New York Times



Harvest Year: 2019

Heirloom seed variety: Pragati; licensed by IISR Kozhikode

Origin: Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh

Tasting Notes: Bright ~ Floral ~ Earthy ~ Zesty

About the farmer
Grown by the Kasaraneni family amidst marigolds, bananas, and black rice on their 4th generation farm. Whilst Mr. Prabhu Kasaraneni’s family has been farming for three generations, he is a self taught organic farmer who began growing heirloom Pragati turmeric in 2015, with assistance from the Indian Institute of Spice Research.