Single Origin Terracotta Aged Soy Sauce 原汁壼底清油

Single Origin Terracotta Aged Soy Sauce 原汁壼底清油

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We're so excited about our Kinship X Yun Hai collaboration! Quantities are LIMITED. Follow @yunhaishop for Lisa's adventures sourcing in Taiwan. 

About: Traditionally fermented soy sauce from terracotta earthenware barrels. The pure soy sauce at the bottom of these barrels is lightest in color, but is also the most concentrated in salinity, fragrance and flavor. Use it as a general purpose soy sauce, but measure out less than usual, as the salinity is higher than most commercial soy sauces.

Maker: Yu Ding Xing is an small batch traditional soy sauce maker in Yunlin, Taiwan. Their soy sauces are brewed in terracotta barrels, left undisturbed as they ferment, and naturally separate into layers. The sauce at the very bottom of the earthenware barrel is cherished as the best part. Only a small amount of barrel-bottom soy sauce can be extracted from each ferment, due to the tapered shape of the earthenware. This soy sauce is the most flavorful and lightest in viscosity and color. 

Tasting notes: Salty, fragrant, full

Ingredients and size: Water, non-GMO black soybeans, sea salt, sugar. Gluten free. 420ml.

Importer: Lisa Cheng of Yun Hai 雲海 in Brooklyn personally sources single origin sauces from traditional makers in Taiwan!

Shelf life: Shelf stable for 2 years from printed manufacturing date. Keep refrigerated after opening.


Traditional Taiwanese soy sauce is made only with native Taiwanese black soybeans, salt, water, and sugar. Black soybeans differ from the more widely used yellow soybean. They have a mellower, sweeter, and more nostalgically Taiwanese flavor. This type of soy sauce is very similar to traditional Chinese soy sauces, where no wheat is used. Taiwanese black bean soy sauces are gluten-free.