Our Makers

The best foodmakers and farmers

We source the highest quality products from regenerative womxn farmers and foodmakers. 

We use 100% pasture-raised meats and organic Asian heritage veggies direct from local farms. Our single-origin sauces and spices are the most potent and flavorful available, with ethical sourcing. 

Radical Family Farms

Radical Family Farms is run by Leslie Wiser, a first-generation farmer of Taiwanese and German heritage and her partner Sarah Deragon. They use regenerative practices to grow heritage Asian veggies in Sebastopol, CA. Leslie's Chinese chives and Taiwanese cabbage make our dumplings burst with flavor.

Photo credit: Sarah Deragon

  • No-spray, no-till practices to build organic, healthy soil
  • Regenerative cover cropping, composting, flowers, and crop rotations
  • Practices native land acknowledgement, raising on Miwok and Pomo land
  • Building safe community space for LGBTQ and POC in Sonoma County

Yun Hai

Yun Hai 雲海 was founded by Lisa Cheng Smith and Ivan Wu in 2018. Lisa sources directly from artisans, farms, and soy sauce breweries in Taiwan. Yun Hai's vision is that "terrain, technique, history, and humanity come together in the traditional foods we distribute."

Yun Hai helps small food businesses based in Taiwan prepare their product to bring visibility to the culture, cuisine, and independence of Taiwan while offering top quality ingredients for Chinese cooking. 

  • Single origin soy sauces and pastes
  • Single origin chili crisp
  • No additives and organic, native black soy beans for quality flavor
  • Artisanal makers using traditional methods, koji fermentation in open-air terracotta barrels, and thickening sauces over wood fire

Diaspora Co

Diaspora Co is decolonizing the spice trade with the cleanest, most potent spices available. They source India's freshest, heirloom, and single-origin spices, directly from regenerative partner farms. 

  • Single origin spices directly from regenerative, sustainable farms
  • 100% spices tested for potency and free of pesticide residues
  • Equity pledge to pay everyone in the supply chain a fair wage

Stephanie Shih

STEPHANIE H. SHIH 石函玉 is a self-taught ceramic artist whose sculptures explore concepts of home—not just as a physical place, but also as cultural, generational, and emotional spaces we inhabit—through the lens of Asian-American identity. Her work has been exhibited recently at Wieden+Kennedy (Portland, OR), Hashimoto Contemporary (San Francisco, CA), and Pioneer Works (Brooklyn, NY) and featured by Vice, NPR, the LA Times. She lives in Brooklyn.

  • Porcelain dumplings and ceramics
  • Stephanie's art celebrates diasporic nostalgia through the Asian-American pantry

Loyale Studio

Loyale Studio an ethical kitchen essentials brand owned by Jenny Hwa, a veteran of sustainable apparel. Loyale is committed to ethical sewing, sustainable fabrics, and a brand built "on a foundation of gratitude, inclusivity, giving and above all, cultivating community."

  • Ethically sewn in SF
  • Directly using factories with fair wages and safe working conditions
  • Celebrating provenance and terroir of design patterns
  • Sourcing top quality, durable Japanese milled fabrics to reduce landfill waste
  • Eco-friendly dyes and colors

Root Down Farm

Dede Boies raises heritage pigs, chickens, turkeys and ducks on Root Down Farm, a pasture-based farm partnership with the Peninsula Open Space Trust in the beautiful coastal town of Pescadero, California. She uses regenerative practices and rotates the animals on pasture to ensure a diverse, nutrient dense diet while restoring healthy coastal grassland.

Photo credit: Paulette Phlipot / Federica Armstrong

  • Hormone and antibiotic free
  • Organic, non-GMO feed
  • Raising slow-growth heritage breeds of healthy animals who like to roam outdoors
  • Livestock guardian dogs to protect the animals from predators
  • Animals are rotated around the land, eating a diverse, nutrient dense diet
  • Species and breed diversity to keep the land healthy

Markegard Family Grass-Fed

Doniga Markegard, along with her husband and four children, owns and operates Markegard Family Grass-Fed LLC raising grass-fed beef, lamb, pastured pork, chicken and dairy in the coastal redwoods of California. They manage their cattle herd to simulate the large herds of elk and antelope which once roamed California’s grasslands and care deeply for watershed stewardship.

Photo credit: Paulette Phlipot / Federica Armstrong

  • Pesticide and chemical fertilizer free
  • Cattle and sheep are never fed grain or given synthetic hormones or antibiotics
  • No genetically modified organisms (GMOs)
  • Animals are all raised on a family ranch
  • Cattle are not put in feedlots, finished on grasslands and only fed the forage the rangeland provides
  • Committed to improving the biodiversity of the land
  • Practicing Holistic Management, carbon is captured in the soil and watersheds are regenerated