Christine's Story

Finding My Way Home

I grew up eating home cooked Chinese food. But in college, I started getting sick with food allergies. Doctors thought I was sensitive to meat or dairy, so I became a vegan. 

But I missed good food! So I started smuggling meats and cheeses from farmers markets (against doctor's orders). To my surprise, the food I bought from small farmers didn’t make me break out in hives. Their food nourished me, and made me feel my best. 

I went to work on an organic dairy farm, where the cows ate green grass outdoors. I found out these farms are also healing the planet. They grow healthy soil, which grows healthy grass, which makes happy and healthy cows. Farmers can fight climate change. It’s not the cow, it’s the how. 

I created this brand to share the good news with you. Be proud of what's on your table. 

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