Our Story

Start small

We started small. Christine bought food at farmers markets. She worked on a small dairy milking cows as a farm hand. George grew a food garden in his front yard and raised chickens.

Yet we were worried about enormous problems like climate change, so we tried to help farmers be part of the solution. We started a company, PastureMap, building software to help ranchers adopt regenerative practices. We’ve worked with farmers and ranchers for nearly a decade. 

team with derekOur team helping a Nebraska rancher keep better grazing records

Small meets big

We learned all of us - consumers and farmers - are up against a massive industrial food system.

This industrial system makes food that’s artificially cheap, and bad for our health, and destroys the planet. It also screws small farmers with low prices and huge debt. 

Consumers and farmers want the same thing. 

  • We want to be healthy. 
  • We want to feed our kids good, nutritious food. 
  • We want to heal the planet. We want healthy, vibrant communities - both urban and rural. 

Christine at a gathering of regenerative farmers and ranchers

A new hope

Regenerative means beyond sustainable. We don’t want to “sustain” our current path - we want leave everything healthier, thriving, and full of life.

But don’t take our word for it. Our radically transparent maps show you exactly how your animals are raised. 

Reversing the enormous industrial food system is going to take all of us. So we're starting by reconnecting farmers and consumers to fight for a better food system.