Taking a break from operations, but not from solidarity

Dear Kinship Foods community,

We're taking a break from Kinship Foods operations - but not from solidarity with small businesses in the restaurant and foodmaker community. COVID-19 developments have affected a number of factors for our business: available ingredients, shipping delays of our shop products from Taiwan, and uncertainty of whether farmers markets and our commercial kitchen will stay open.

Honestly, we are very privileged and grateful as a local food startup to not yet have any workers whose paychecks depend on us, nor big enough to have long term rent obligations. Please use your dollars to support our fellow foodmakers and many restaurants whose businesses depend on your support. Please keep in mind those businesses which are most vulnerable: those that are BIPOC-led and operated, mom-and-pop places who may not have a social media presence, or the many Asian restaurants in SF who are experiencing racism and whose sales have been in decline since January because of coronavirus-related fears.⠀
As events develop, we'll continue in solidarity with all the small businesses and restaurants, and support food and restaurant business efforts calling for California-wide relief on payroll, taxes, rent forgiveness, benefits, etc.. Small businesses are the backbone of the food system we deserve, and they need a bailout.

We'll check in as events continue to develop. Stay healthy and stay kind to one another.

In kinship,

Christine Su

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